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A Quality Comparison...

It’s the little things (and a few big ones) that make a relationship more productive. At Whitley, we try hard to build relationships with our distributors. By better knowing each other we can better help each other. Through better service we are more likely to sell a building. Consequently, our goal is to satisfy your needs.

Here are a few advantages we offer:


Whitley will take your order, build your product and install it on site. That saves hours of work and all that finger pointing, should trouble occur. We take the responsibility and back it up with our industry-leading warranty.

Warranty http://www.whitleyman.com/services.html
We provide a two-year warranty when Whitley sets-up the building, a one-year warranty if someone else sets it. In both cases our warranty is customer-oriented, meaning we go out of our way to satisfy the customer and to make our dealer happy.

Quick Quotes larryhigh@whitleyman.com
If you have to have it now, Whitley is the place to turn. Typically, if you ask for a quote today you will receive it within 24-hours, or less. That means you are more likely to survive the first cut with Whitley behind you. Quotes can include a color 3-D view of the building on your floor plan.

Up Front Floor Plans
We design a floor plan in advance of receiving an order. That helps to make sure the project makes sense for the customer from the beginning and reduces the chances for deal-breaking demands later on.

Web Site Supreme! *Find two hundred floor plans, pricing tools, specification, marketing flyers and more on our top notch web site. *And, our T-1 line means you can quickly send and receive large drawings from us. * “White-boarding” means we can work together on a floor plan in almost real time. Make a change and see it an instant. *You can also engage in conferencing over the net with our speedy T-1 line. Make changes with your customer and us on the line together and come to quick conclusions. Fewer errors, less miscommunication, better deals.

Trouble Shooting Support
Our engineers and quality control people, not to mention sales representatives, have been with us for many, many years, so they know state codes, they know the equipment, they understand building “behavior.” If you have a question about old construction, or new, you can turn to us.

Superb Records
We maintain extensive records on all of the buildings we construct…some back to the 60s. That means ten or twenty years from now…you will be able to call for drawings, specs, engineering support and replacement parts. You may never need this help, but then again, you may.

Design Support
We help our dealers and their customers develop their design specifications. That saves money and reduces the chances for miscommunication.

Quality Construction
We start with quality from the ground up. We fabricate our own frames from durable steel. Then we add first quality, name brand materials all the way to the roof. No short cuts. No hidden time bombs. Dependability.

Thoughtful Construction
Our plumbing manifold is a good example of thoughtful construction. There is one connection for supply and one for sewer. No messing around with a dozen connections on site. We solder everything in the factory and thoroughly pressure test every junction. We use the same common sense with electrical, flooring, roofing and interior work. Ask us for a list of smart construction ideas.

Service after the Sale
No finger pointing at Whitley. We build to avoid punch lists, but when a problem occurs our service teams respond very quickly. We have a reputation to protect and make every effort to satisfy every customer. We don’t quibble. If it is our fault we take care of it, at our expense.

After Sale Items
Need a spare part, a replacement part, and an upgrade? We keep thousands of spares around and are happy to ship overnight to fix whatever problem you have.

Marketing Support http://www.whitleyman.com/marketing.html
We want our distributors to win jobs, so we help with an array of “personalizable” marketing materials and the best, most comprehensive web site in the industry.

Presentation Materials
We try to help you win jobs. We can create a presentation flyer, a poster and other items for you. You can have your logo and your customer’s logo on our marketing flyers. We can mounted them on foam-core or laminate them. Create placemats for a breakfast meeting. Be creative. Ask for colorful poster-sized floor plans and 3-Ds for important presentations. They can include photos, client names, interior and exterior details.

Longevity http://www.whitleyman.com/about.htmlWhitley has been in operation since 1946. We have a track record and very good reputation. You can count on us to be around quite a few more years to provide you with service and support for your Whitley building.

You can count on our word. We have built our reputation on trust and purposeful follow-through on every promise we make. We are also careful not to promise what can not be delivered.

And More
There is much more to expect in every transaction with Whitley. We just try harder and offer more. Try us. You will be happily surprised.

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