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A better foundation makes a stronger building.

Whitley Manufacturing operates an in-house steel fabrication shop and a team of experienced, creative and certified welders.

That means we can customize your building’s integrated structural frame to your length, size, needs and placement. Other manufacturers buy “off the shelf” steel frames and adjust your design onto their standard configurations.

Your benefits are clear: structural steel frames are designed specific to the layout of your building; additional support can be placed below restrooms, heavy equipment like a MRI, or other areas where you need or want additional support. That helps insure the structural integrity of the building from construction through installation and throughout the building’s lifetime, and let’s not forget the relocation of the building.

Proper structural frame support is also integral to Whitley’s capability to install high-end finishes at the factory. Ceramic floors and walls can be laid and grouted at the factory without fear of cracking and damage during transportation or set up, thanks to your rigid and professionally engineered steel support structure.

Think of this: at Whitley we are confident enough with the strength of our frames to substantially finish your building in our factory and then send them across country roads, over rail crossings and along highways to the final construction site without cracking or other damage!

The customization of frames allows our engineers substantial control over forces acting on the building while it is in transit. For you, it means less prep or repair work on site; in other words, your building is ready much sooner and with fewer contractors involved.

Custom steel fabrication can also be used to build enclosures that house process equipment, pumps and switch gear. Our familiarity with steel-framed construction allows us to build almost any style, size or layout of building to fulfill your dreams, goals and expectations.

Our unique steel fabricating capabilities also allow us to provide a variety of protective structures and steel enclosures to shield equipment from either damage or theft, and to protect the building’s occupants from radiation or other occupational hazards.

In short, our custom, in-house, steel framing capabilities set us apart. The Whitley product is a stronger building, a more durable building and one that will serve you well past your expectations.

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